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Why Choose Us ?

EmoTech Experience of Learning
The word Emotech denotes how we consider the emotional needs and wants of our students and aid them with highly advanced technology and learning tools. Along with professional live and recorded classes, we offer our every student an all new better atmosphere by blending emotional and technological sides of learning.

Happiness Project
Aifer believes in quality over quantity. Along with good results in the end, we want our students to be happy and content throughout the course with the services of Aifer. Through the happiness project, our faculty will ensure each student is having a cheerful learning experience together with excellent academics.

Personalised Mentoring
At Aifer, you are individually mentored by our qualified faculties who will be there for you right away. A personal mentor is someone who gives you personal attention and assistance. You can utilize them for individual conversations regarding your studies.

Progress Tracking System
Mock tests are a common thing in coaching institutes. Aifer puts more effort into making sure that you are improving with aifer’s coaching. Through the progress tracking system, We conduct tests to examine, evaluate and analyze your progress after joining Aifer. Further assistance is provided to each student according to the improvement.

Listening Officer
Well qualified psychologists help the students who report various psychological and emotional issues.

Online Counselling
If needed, students get referred to professional counsellors for online counselling.

Daily podcasts telecasted through Aifer Education App to sustain the motivation level of students.

Special Focus on Weak Areas
Primary motive behind the progress tracking system is to provide special focus on weak areas of each student. If any of our students need individual attention in any topic of their subject, Aifer provides them necessary assistance.

Discussion Tables
Special discussion forums of different time slots arranged for students, based on their convenience.

Aifer Next
This program is exclusively for Aifer Alumni, which regularly conducts academic sessions and career discussions in the field of teaching and research by expert faculties.

Aifer Education App
Specially designed software application through which students can access and attend classes and tests in exact pattern of the respective examinations

Follow Up
Follow up programs till the students qualify the exam.

Examination Help Desk
Structured assistance provided for students during application and registration process of various examinations.










Aifer Learning App

Specially designed software application through which students can access and attend classes and tests in exact pattern of the respective examinations.


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