Social Work Selfline Classroom (Malayalam)

Course Description

Social work practice includes the understanding of human development, behavior, and social, economic, and cultural institutions and interaction. NTA MSW syllabus comprises 10 units including nature, development, research, administration, social policy etc along with the Indian constitution and social policies. The examination has 100 questions carrying 2 marks each, which makes a total of 200 marks. Aifer provides you NET/JRF coaching classes that cover the entire syllabus, discussions over previous question papers, practice tests, mock tests etc. We make sure that your JRF journey is fruitful and worth taking. Let it be worth remembering.

Course Details

  • Aifer Social Work Selfline Classroom is self paced course focused on UGC NTA NET
  • Video lessons covering the entire syllabus of Social Work will be provided through Aifer App.
  • Digital study materials covering the entire syllabus will be provided.
  • 200+ practice tests and 20+ Complete Mock Tests in Exact NTA NET Pattern
  • Questions from 25 Previous Question Papers as well as Categorized sets.
  • 5000+ Online Questions with detailed explanations
  • All tests will be conducted through Aifer App in exact NTA NET Pattern
  • All tests are available with detailed analytics like result, rank, topic wise marks, time taken, comparison with topper etc.
  • Mechanism for Immediate doubt clearance
  • Detailed study tracking mechanism through Aifer Progress Tracking System.
  • Medium of Instruction: Malayalam
  • Course validity: 6 months.
  • Fee for the course is Rs 8,000/-

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